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This highly interactive module is geared towards empowering the students with values, tools and techniques from Bhagavad Gi:tha for applying them in daily life at home, school and work. We will have multiple workshops (group discussions and individual) to prepare students for real-world situations with wisdom from Bhagavad Gi:tha.

Attending this, you will become confident, disciplined, and strong enough to face any challenge with joy and emerge successful in all the endeavors.

Prerequisite - The aspiring students should be 10 years and above. 

Timings - Every Sunday 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM Central Time

Phone - 248-345-6956 or 917-443-4426

impact of gita on youth in their own words

This is candid feedback by high school and college students after completing a 9-week interactive pilot Bhagavad Gita course during the summer of 2020. 

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