Priest Services

JET USA, Dallas provides an opportunity for interested devotees to do various Aradhanas, Kalyanams, Homams to celebrate their special occasions, weddings, and various Vedic rituals and engage our resident Priest for the same based on the availability.

Sriman Manohar Ramachar Swami Vadayaar aka Ramachar DP: is an A:gama Scholar sand product of Sri Panchara:thra A:gama kalasala,Kalavapamula JET, India. Personally trained by Sriman Yugandhara swami, he conducted various Yagnas, temple inaugurations, Bramhothsavas, and various spiritual activities in India and USA. He has recently relocated to Dallas and providing Priest Services for Dallas Center, JET USA.

For priest services, Please contact us at or/and at 972-525-5242.

Priest Sriman Manohar Ramachar Swami is on vacation from Sep 5th to October 20th